BTL has contributed to the success of many projects in the industrial, commercial and institutional sectors.

BTL has participated in the execution of small, medium and large projects, throughout Quebec and Ontario, for corporations active in a variety of industries: pharmaceutical, biotechnology, cosmetics, high technology, aerospace, mines and metallurgy, chemical and petrochemical, energy, transportation, commercial real estate, hotel, education and health.


BTL offers to its clients an approach based on a partnership relationship to allow them to choose the execution mode that best meets their specific needs, in a timely manner, within the allocated budgets and in compliance with the degree of quality required.

Turnkey or design-build construction

BTL takes care of everything, from design to completion, until final achievement.

Maximum upset price construction

The client takes in charge the cost of the works to which is added the professional fees of BTL for all services rendered.

Lump-sum construction

This execution mode is based on a fixed price which is established from the client’s plans and specifications as well as the complete and well-defined tender documents for the overall project. The price is set for the execution of all project works.

Project management

In this execution mode, BTL assists its client in each stage of the project, from design to completion.

Construction management

BTL works in close cooperation with its client and all parties in order to optimize construction costs and schedule, in compliance with the concept and degree of quality required.

Build, operate and transfer

In a build, operate and transfer (BOT) project, BTL takes charge of construction, financing, operation and maintenance of the infrastructure during a certain period prior to transfering it to its client/partner.

We build solid partnership relationships with our clients.

Achieve our vision of total quality: a matter of professionalism, ethics and survival.

Although total quality control is a recent concept, our personnel and team members have long practiced this approach. In order to break and excel in a most competitive market, our firm must satisfy the client/owner. It is a matter of professionalism, ethics and survival.


In order to achieve our vision of total quality, we have implemented our system of quality control which has been defined in relation to ten quality components.

Components of our quality system

The emergence of a culture specific to our business

Optimization of human resources

Incorporation of quality program

Standardization of quality control

Improvement of quality on an individual basis

Creation of quality control committees

Development of a team spirit approach on a project basis

An employee recognition program

A client/contractor intercommunication program

A team review program

Technology and performance go hand in hand at BTL.

BTL is a company at the vanguard of technological development. Highly computerized, our firm assures its clients refinement in cost control, speed in execution, availability and fast decision-making level through the continuous involvement of administrators.


Our team has direct and constant access to a state-of-the-art computer system tailored for construction and project management practices.